A tough brief

Article about the choosing of the first laureate for Irish fiction - Siobhán was a member of the selection panel (Irish Times, 26 January 2015)

"Passionate, relentlessly energetic and possessing a collegial focus: ahead of the announcement of the inaugural laureate in The Irish Times, the selection panel discuss what they are looking for ..."  Read more

Women at Work

Siobhán took part in a discussion about the role of women in the Irish workplace (Irish Times, 8 June 2013)  

"In the four decades since the abolition of the Civil Service marriage bar, in 1973, women's progress in the workplace has been startling, unprecedented and very uneven ..."  Read more

Woman's Hour

Interview with Jenni Murray on BBC4's Woman's Hour programme (5 May 2011)

Click here to go to the programme page, and scroll down to the Siobhán Parkinson chapter 

Life Less Ordinary

Siobhán interviewed by Bernadette Comerford, in the RTE radio series about people whose lives are "out of the ordinary because of physical or emotional challenge" (15 April 2011)

Conversation with Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick

Siobhán in conversation with award-winning author and illustrator Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick in a South Dublin Libraries webcast (12 October 2010)

Click  here to go to the webcast

A Champion for Children's Literature

Siobhán interviewed by Enda Wyley (Irish Times, 11 May 2010)

"It's difficult to find Siobhán Parkinson in her own home ..."  Read more

IMMA Art Trail: Look, No Cows!

Look, No Cows is a trail for families by Siobhán; it visits her favourite artworks from the Irish Museum of Modern Art's sculpture collection in the museum grounds. 

Click here to watch the video of Siobhán walking the trail with children