Sisters - No Way! (12+)

Bisto Book of the Year 1997

Siobhán’s best-ever-selling book which has been translated into twenty languages. A modern take on the Cinderella story, this novel consists of the diaries of two stepsisters.

“Irish teenage fiction at its most sophisticated." Children’s Books in Ireland

O’Brien Press 1996

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Call of the Whales (12+)

Set in the snowy Arctic, a coming-of-age tale with a twist.

“Parkinson’s reputation as one of Ireland’s most talented storytellers for the young can only be enhanced by this powerful yet wistful work, which will illuminate the imaginative lives of its readers, no matter what their age." Books Ireland

O’Brien Press 2000

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Long Story Short (12+)

Long Story Short is the US edition of Bruised. Only the titles, the covers and some of the spellings are different. This is a story of abuse and neglect told with sincerity, heart and a healthy dose of humour.

“… packs a serious wallop … Don’t miss this one.” Philadelphia Inquirer

Roaring Brook 2011

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Bruised (12+)

Jonathan is desperate to protect his little sister from the social services, who are sure to want to take them into care, but everything goes wrong.

This is the same story as Long Story Short (which is the US version).

“Topical, empathetic and humane, the characterisation is sharp and strong … the storyline compelling …”  Robert Dunbar

Hodder 2011

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Heart Shaped (12+)

This is a companion novel to Bruised / Long Story Short. It tells the story of Annie, who is left wondering what is going on when the boy she fancies (Jonathan of Bruised / Long Story Short) disappears. Sad but with an upbeat ending.

Hodder 2013

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The Love Bean (12+)

“With elegance and wit, the story suggests that circumstances may change, but emotions endure.” Valerie Coghlan, Bookbird

“With … almost audible dialogue … these two cleverly entwined stories form a thought-provoking and exciting read.” Sunday Tribune

O’Brien Press 2002

This book is out of print but may be available online.

Breaking the Wishbone (14+)

Written in the form of a TV documentary, this novel consists of four homeless teenagers’ accounts of their lives on the streets.

O’Brien Press 1999

This book is out of print but may be available online.