The Moon King (9+)

Bisto Merit Award; IBBY Honour Book

Ricky is unable to speak. How is he ever going to make friends in his new foster home?

“… credibly demonstrates the power of the imagination to reshape and transform experience” The Irish Times

O’Brien Press 1998

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Something Invisible (10+)

Bisto Honour Book; IBBY Honour Book; USBBY Honor List

“… exquisitely written … the year’s most striking Irish children’s novel" The Irish Times

“conveys in simple language the most complex of emotions” The Guardian

Puffin/Roaring Brook 2007/8

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Second Fiddle (10+)

Mags is determined to find a way to raise money to send her friend Gillian to music school.

“This wise and winning story plants truths about the frailty of life, the dreadfulness of some parents and the often fractious nature of friendship.” Publishers Weekly

Roaring Brook 2007

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Blue Like Friday (10+)

Hal doesn’t see the world like other people, and Olivia is impatient with his dreaminess.

“A moving novel about a child’s inability to overcome the loss of a parent” Book Fest

Roaring Brook 2008

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Dialann Sár Rúnda (10+)

An saol atá timpeall uirthi sa chathair, an dráma ó lá go lá, an tuiscint a bhaineann Amy as na heachtraí sin a chuireann í ag scríobh ina dialann phearsanta. Eachtraíocht is ea an saol, nach ea? Caradas. Grá. Samhlaíocht. Greann ... 

Cois Life 2008

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Maitríóisce (10+)

Buaiteoir na Gradamdhuaise d’Fhicsean ag Gradaim Leabhair na Bliana CBI 2012

Lá breithe Mara - trí bliana déag - atá ann. Ach an bronntanas a thugann a máthair di ná sraith bábóg maitríóisce ón Rúis - an saghas bronntanais a gheobhadh cailín beag, agus bábóigín amháin acu caillte, fiú ...

Cois Life 2011

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Kate (10+)

White Raven Award

Growing up in the Liberties of Dublin in the 1930s, Kate’s great ambition is to win a medal for her Irish dancing, but her family can’t even afford a costume for her.

O’Brien Press 2003

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Amelia (11+)

It’s 1914, and Amelia is the daughter of a well-to-do Dublin Quaker family. But things go wrong in her father’s business, and her Suffragette mother gets into trouble with the law. Amelia has to learn to cope.

O’Brien Press 1993

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No Peace For Amelia (11+)

White Raven Award

It's 1916 but Amelia Pim's thoughts are on Frederick Goodbody and not on the war in Europe. Then Frederick enlists. The pacifist Quaker community is shocked but Amelia is secretly proud of her hero ...

A story of conflict, hope and courage. Sequel to the No. 1 Bestseller Amelia.

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Four Kids Three Cats Two Cows 

One Witch (Maybe) (11+)

Bisto Merit Award; White Raven Award

Three kids on holiday in the west of Ireland meet up with a local lad, who takes them to an offshore island for the day, but their adventure turns out to be more than they had bargained for.

O’Brien Press 1997

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